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Fertility is the ability to have children. There is a belief that medicine can offer couples a child at any time and age. This is simply not true. While not all couples wish to have a child, the inability to have children can be a cause of significant stress and sadness in a couple’s life. Every couple should give consideration to planning a family early rather than later in their relationship. Early planning can increase the chances of becoming pregnant and can also highlight any fertility issues that may be present.  

Men and women are different

  • A man produces sperm throughout his life, new sperm to reach full development every 72 days.
  • A woman is born with a given number of eggs but very few eggs develop to full maturity.  Vast majority of female eggs start growing but never become an egg that can form a baby, instead they “dissolve” inside the ovaries.
  • The availability of eggs is called ovarian reserve.

Reproductive reality

  • The fertile window (time during life to have a child) is limited in both women and men.
  • Women have a given number of “eggs”, diminishing on a monthly basis from approximately 2 million at birth to very few by age 51 when menopause usually establishes and having one’s own child is impossible.
  • The continuous decrease in egg quality and numbers reduces the chance of conception as a woman advances in age.
  • IVF cannot ”fix” the egg numbers or quality of eggs.
  • The likelihood to conceive, even when IVF is used, decreases with age, from over 50% below 30 years to less than 20% above 40 years of age.
  • No fertility treatment can guarantee a pregnancy.
  • The only way to increase your chance of having a family/ child is to plan a pregnancy when young, certainly well before 35 years of age.
  • There is increasing evidence that male age also affects the health of children conceived.

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